Saturday, July 12, 2014

Learning Lessons

Alrighty, Week 2 of MCM training is in the was an "easy" week and I pretty much sucked at it.  I wrapped it up this morning with a 5 mile run with my marathon buddy...and it was rough.  I definitely learned my lesson - I am certainly not eating enough for my training, and wine the night before a long run is just plain stupid.  :-)

We kept right at an 11 minute pace, but I had a couple of slow down and walking spots.  I really have to quit "thinking" I need a break and push through more.  I am wasting a lot of time taking these walk breaks, that I probably truly don't actually need.  Gotta keep my head up and thinking positive!!  That will be my goal going into week three.

Also, going into week three a focus will need to be my diet.  I obviously need to be taking in more carbs than I have been...I've been reading and cooking using my Runner's World cookbook...we'll see how much better I can get about that this week.  I also got a sample set of Picky Bars that I'm really excited to try out!!  I placed an order with The Feed to try out a few different products and see what I like, before ordering tons.  They have lots of really great info on their site about nutrition, too.  Great reads, for sure.

My long run for this upcoming week will be  my first "on the road," as I am heading back to Atlanta for the weekend for some QT with the fam.  :-)  Fortunately, my older sister has agreed to run my nine miles with that'll be nice...hopefully she doesn't think I'm too slow of a running partner!!  Speaking of the family, can I share with you my race shirt quilt my mother made me a couple of years ago?  I think I probably have plenty of shirts for her to make another one, by now.  How fun, though?!?  I mean, I seldom end up wearing a lot of these shirts, so it's a fun way to commemorate the races...

Okeedokee, I think that's all I've got for now.  I'll try to get some good pictures of my good eats this week to share!!  :-)  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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