Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Let's Get This Party Started....

So....at the suggestion of my little sister, I decided to document this little time in my life, known as "Training for my First Marathon."  What in the world was I thinking signing up for that?!?!  So here we go!!  

A little background, I am nearly 32 years old, born and raised in Alabama, then moved to Atlanta - which I now refer to as "home," and currently live in Arlington, Virginia.  I do marketing for an international commercial real estate firm and have been in this industry for over 8 years now...I love my job - most days.

I started running more regularly after I got divorced in 2008.  That year, I trained for my first Peachtree Road Race, which I eventually ran in 2009 (I later PRd at the PRR in 2010 with a time of 1:00:28).  In 2011, I ran my first half marathon and that become my distance of choice.  It's the perfect length - not too long, not too short...just enough time to get going good and finish. :-)  I have since completed 4 more half marathons.

For some reason, this spring, a good friend of mine, who has participated in the Marine Corps Marathon two (or three?) years now, convinced me to sign up...."Hey! This year there's a lottery....we will both sign up, and if I don't get a number, I'll just buy yours, ok?"  Ok.  I have bad luck at life, I will definitely not "win" the lottery for this race.....

Or so I thought.

Yep.  Both my buddy and myself ended up with bibs for the race.  And so here we go.  109 days away from my first 26.2.  It's a bit nerve-racking...and very overwhelming when I give it too much thought...so I just try not to.  I just try to get excited about fun things, like new gear!  And being able to be the only one in my family (of which all three of us girls have been runners at some point or another-my oldest sister being the most consistent, and fastest) that will be able to say - "I ran a marathon!"  And who knows..when it's all over and done with, maybe I love it?  Guess we will see.

So here are the things you might want to know going into following me on this journey:

1. I've never been a trainer.  Like, of the 4-5 half marathons I have run - I only actually truly trained for one.  Yeah, I just get up and go run half marathons on those other races.  :-)  Lucky, or stupid...not sure which.

2.  Up until this past week - my first "long weekend run" for training - I have NEVER EVER run with a buddy.  I prefer to put in my earbuds, listen to my music, and not think about or hear my breathing or my feet hitting the pavement.  Guess I'm going to have to get over that one, huh?

3. I am definitely NOT a fast runner...I'm also a TERRIBLE pacer.  I always always start way too fast - no matter the length of the run, and wear myself out.  This is a BIG part of my marathon training....I don't want to quite at mile 10.  :-(  This weekend, my first run with a buddy, he suggested we invest in one of those baby leashes moms use to keep up with their kids at the mall - to keep me from getting too fast!  Silly.

4. I do love products!  I will share with you any of my thoughts and interests in companies I am trying out, using, love, hate, etc.  All views are my personal opinions and I am not being paid in anyway to share with you. :-)  (If anyone is actually reading this...)  Currently, I am obsessed with my Nathan bottle (similar), my spi-belt, and my Brooks running cap.  Oh and I always run with my RunID on my shoe - safety first, people!!  Also just yesterday, joined "The Flock" with Oiselle!  I'm super excited to be a part of their team - empowering women athletes and great products? Yes, please!

5.  If I'm not running, some other stuff about me - a. my best friend is DEFINITELY my weimaraner, Chloe. She's nine years old and is spoiled rotten. b. I love beer....hoppy beers and sour beers are my beers of choice.  Thanks to the guy in my life, I am officially a beer snob.  For sure.  Hey - it's carb loading, right?!?!  c. I love travel and have been aching for a vacation for months now....ugh. and d. I'm obsessed with instagram - follow me!  I'm kgilbert730.

Ok. That's a good enough start for now....we are officially into Week 2 of the Hal Higdon Novice 1 training schedule, which is what we are going with...Hopefully I don't bore readers along the way to October 26th, 2014!!

Thanks for reading and following along on this journey!

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  1. Yay! Glad you started this--and you can have the glory of being the lone Gilbert marathon runner :D