Thursday, July 17, 2014

Let's Talk About Food, Baby...

Get my TLC reference there?  Hello 1991?  Ha.  Speaking of music - did you know that 15 years ago today, the #1 song in the US was Destiny's Child, "Bills, Bills, Bills??"  HOW is that possible?!?!  Gahhhh.  Feeling old.

Also showing my age, is how excited I am to be talking about the yummy foods I've been cooking and eating this week!!  :-)

So, as mentioned in an earlier post, I purchased this cookbook recently and have been trying out a few of the recipes!  Everything I have cooked from it thus far has been a hit with both me and my guy...and usually there are leftovers for our lunches the next day too!  Here are a couple of the items I have made this week:

Grilled Salmon with Lentil Tabbouleh

Farro Caprese Salad (I used quinoa instead bc I had some in the pantry) and a side of blackberries

Let's also talk snacks!  Has anyone else tried these and fell in love?  SO GOOD!  And better for you than potato chips...

I head to Atlanta bright and early tomorrow...and upon my arrival, my big sister will pick me up and we will go get my weekly long run (9 miles) out of the way immediately.  This will allow me to just relax and enjoy the weekend with my family.  I'm also SO happy about where we will be getting our run in.  The Silver Comet Trail is the perfect running place....flat, mostly shaded, and just pleasant!  It'll be a nice morning run to welcome me home for the weekend.  

Everyone enjoy the rest of your week!

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