Monday, July 28, 2014

Mount Vernon Trail Run

So I was pretty lazy last week.  I definitely have to focus more this week on my shorter week-night runs.  I'm thinking of switching things up a bit and running in the AM rather than the PM.  I'm much more in the mood first thing than later in the day.  I definitely realized that real fast this Friday afternoon during my weekend long run of 10 miles.  

Prior to leaving work at 3pm and getting my miles in, I tried this little bevvie out.  Surprisingly delish!  Though it didn't make the humidity any more bareable.... :-(

I chose to run the Mt Vernon trail Friday...super easy to get to...a nice paved trail without having to worry about stop lights and the such.  It was a BEAUTIFUL though warm, humid day.

Along the path...
Such pretty views!
Saturday, in honor of my upcoming birthday, we had a little "Day of Fun" around the city.  Started off with a giant brunch at Liberty Tavern, followed by some paddle boating (aka cross training, anyone?), and then wandering around the zoo.  After that busy day, we went home, showered, checked on our pooch and headed out for dinner and drinks at a couple of our faves, Hank's Oyster Bar and Churchkey.  It was a great day!  Sunday was spend doing chores and straightening up around the house to get ready for the new week! 

More later this week, as I try this new AM schedule and some more new products!  :-)  Happy Monday, people!

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