Monday, August 11, 2014

Getting into the long runs...

This weekend I had what I would call my first significant long run....12 miles.  Still haven't had to do a run longer than I ever have....that'll be Labor Day weekend, when I get 15 miles in....however, this Saturday's run was the longest I have run, just because.  :-)  Usually, I just run half marathons with little to no training getting up and running 12 for no race, was significant to me.  I was also pretty pleased with the timing...I kept a pretty decent pace (for me) and managed to only stop a couple of times for 30-45 seconds at a time!

As for nutrition for this long run, I woke up about half an hour or so before leaving and drank a Nuun Energy and ate half a Picky Bar.  I have a variety pack of the Nuun, but my favorite is definitely the Cherry Limeade.  I'm also a member of the Picky Club, so I have lots of those to choose from, but their new flavor, Cookie Doughpness, is on the top of my list!!  

During the run, I just sipped on water.  At about mile 6 or so, I ate two Clif Bloks to hold me over til I was done.  Once at home, I ate the other half of my Picky Bar and drank a tall cold glass of chocolate milk.  I felt really good throughout the run, and once done.  So I think that little nutrition plan worked for this size run, at least.  

Per usual, I went on my basic Mount Vernon trail run.  I went about 6.5 miles out and back, so that I wouldn't have to run up that treacherous hill in Rosslyn.  I LOVE running out past the airport...Gravelly Point is really a neat spot to watching the planes take off and land, so it's a fun run, for sure.

This week I am scheduled for 3 miles tomorrow and Thursday, along with 6 Wednesday.  Next weekend's long run is a half marathon...should be easy enough.  I've gotten into running in the AMs now rather than the PMs during the week.  It's MUCH better!  Plus, it's definitely helping me sleep at night.  

Anyone out there have any opinions on foam rolling?  I'm thinking about getting one and adding that to my recovery plan...along with my chocolate milk!  (TruMoo is the BEST!)  

I'll try to do better this week with blogging and letting you know what I'm trying, liking, and hating!!  Happy Monday, people! :-)

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