Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's been a while....

I know, I know....I'm just sure you have all wondered where I have been, right?!?!  Haha!  Well, I know at least two of you have (Hi Sarah!!  Hi Mama!!).  :-)

So since we last "spoke" I have done a 13.1 long run and a 15(!!!!) mile long run.  I took an entire week off training the week of August 18th....the long run that week was only 10 miles...and I had a lot going on at work so didn't make my short week day runs. And my Daddy was here and we HAD to get to a baseball game too!  Just a busy busy week!

I did my 13.1 long run here in DC along my usual route and did my 15 miler in Adams, Massachusetts!  I was up there for Labor Day visiting with my sisters!  I feel like I have a ton to say, but I think I'll just use pictures this time to tell the stories! 

The only thing new going on with training (aside from the mileage going up so much!) is that my sciatica finally has started flaring up.  I haven't had any issues with it in about 6 months or so...and have been OK through training...until last week.  I went to an acupuncturist yesterday - so hopefully that will help keep it at bay - at least until the marathon is done!!

My usual Mount Vernon Trail run....
Must get back up north to visit all these breweries!  After marathon season, of course!
Madison Brewing Company!  Tasty and fun lunch with my little sister!!
Boston!!  Marathon Motivation, anyone?!?
Boston by Sea
Can you see the whale?!?! How neat!!
The site of my longest run EVER!!!!
Pretty scenery along the way.....

Love my Oiselle gear!
Trying out compression calf sleeves for the longer runs...
Back home to finish out the last 2 months of training....
So, yeah! There you have it.  Back to the, run, and trying to play.  Speaking of playing, with the help of my boy, we have decided to give up week night beers...only to have beers on the day of my long run each week for the month of September and no drinking in October until after the race (with one day allowed for the Ravens/Falcons game we are going to in Baltimore).  This will help him lose some weight he wants to get rid of, as well as help me stay hydrated throughout these last couple of months of long long long runs!! 

This weekend I'll be running 16....hopefully my sciatica is treating me nicely and I can knock those out better than the 15 last week - we will see!!  I have the Navy AirForce Half Marathon on the 14th...hopefully I have another post for you before then!  To close things's a little funny I found on Instagram.... :-)  

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