Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Currently reading....Meb for Mortals.  Currently in the first chapter/section all about "Thinking like Meb" and it's great - all about goal setting, etc.

Currently feeling.....motivated, especially after Monday's marathon!!!

Currently loving....SPRING TIME!!!

Currently Mama....I haven't been home since Christmas...I'm going back in July and can't wait to hug on my mama!

Currently eating....Blue Apron meals....ALWAYS!  We have been subscribing for about six months now and love it.  Want to try?  Comment below!  I have a couple of free boxes to share!  Let me know!!

Currently enjoying....coloring!!!  Have you all heard of madalas?  It's essentially these geometric shapes you color and use as meditation.  It is super soothing and a fun little outlet for my creativity...Here's one I did this weekend!!

Currently frustrated....with the Lilly Pulitzer for Target situation.  I don't even have words for that ridiculousness.  I didn't attempt to buy anything...I just think the entire ordeal was a mess.  I'll just buy my Lilly at the regular store, thankyouverymuch.

Currently and Blake's little Vermont Beer Tour next month!  We are taking a few days off around my half marathon and family visit in Massachusetts to explore Burlington, Waterbury, and Montpelier and visiting a few breweries along the way.  And hopefully Ben & Jerry's and a couple of creameries, too??  :-)

What do you have going on??

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