Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Five Link Up - Five Obsessions

Happy Friday, y'all!!  Today's Friday Five Link Up (thanks to Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia, per usual) is a Free Friday...meaning....your own topic!  So I'm choosing to write about 5 of my current obsessions!!  

First and foremost, I make no secret about my obsession with my dog, Chloe.  That little girl has more personality than some PEOPLE I know!  Ha!  She's 10 years old and just a bundle of love.  We have been through so much together and she is without a doubt my most favorite thing ever!!

This picture also leads us to another obsession, as I can be seen wearing a couple of pieces of Oiselle running wear!  I love everything about this company.  The clothes, the blog, and most importantly, the TEAM!!  Last year as I was training for my first marathon, I joined the Oiselle Flock and it has been the best experience!!  I have met a lot of really great girls and have so much fun racing with them.  I'm really excited too, that in just two more weeks we will be meeting girls from all over the South at the Oiselle Southern Bird Camp!  Running camp with all these great girls?!?  Yes, please!!

Next up, again, no surprise to many, is Lilly!!  I love anything Lilly Pulitzer.  From agendas, to the CLOTHES, to wine glasses and phone covers.  I need it ALL.  Especially now that it's summer time!  I had to load up on all the new colors and prints, obviously!  Today I'm wearing this skort!  How cute is it?!?!  This is just one of my 5 new pieces of Lilly purchased this week.  :-)  

Source here.

Fourth, we have coffee.  I think this really needs no explanation.  French press is my preferred coffee...but I'll take it anyway I can get it.  With a splash of cream and one splenda, please.  

And lastly, I'm obsessed with races!!  I just cannot stop registering for the next great race!!  I might not be the speediest, but I absolutely LOVE racing!  I love the crowds cheering...the excitement at the start...and the feeling of crossing the finish line, whether it be a 5k or a marathon...there's just nothing like it!  And I'm currently getting my guy more into it too!!  

How about you all?  Any obsessions we share?  Anything I'm missing out on?  

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