Wednesday, May 27, 2015

StrideBox Review!

First and foremost, I was not paid in any way, shape or form for this review.  I came across StrideBox on my Instagram and decided to give them a try and here are my opinions on it.  :-)

So, yesterday my first StrideBox arrived.  Essentially, StrideBox can be compared to BirchBox, but for runners.  Instead of makeup and accessories, you get handpicked products for runners.  Instead of sample sizes, though, you do get full sized product.  You can pause, cancel at any commitment whatsoever.  $15/month for the box.

What came in my May StrideBox?
I really liked that little "Earn Your Shower" sticker.  Ha!

Here's the list and info provided on the little "Stride Guide" included in the box:

  • Bounce - Natural Energy Ball : An all natural, gluten free energy ball with 9 grams of protein and organic cacao.  Great for after a hard run, or as a snack.  Retails at $29.99/12 balls
  • Glukos - Energy Gel: 100% natural, vegan, HFCS free, gluten free, caffeine free, soy free, concentrated energy gel.  Retails $24/12 packets
  • GU Energy Chews: Formerly known as Chomps, these now come in single serving pouches.  Retails $30/24 pouches
  • Osmo Nutrition - His and Hers: One for me, one for the guy (who has signed up for his 3rd race of the year!!  Yay Blake!!)  Specially formulated for men or women.  Retails $31.00/24 packets
  • Vita Perk - Vitamin Coffee Boost: Flavorless formulation of 15 vitamins and minerals to give your AM coffee a boost.  Made for hot or iced coffee - or a smoothie!  Retails $4.99/7 packets
  • Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch: Provides temporary relief right where it hurts.  Retails $7.95/5 patches
  • StrideBox Massage and Recovery Ball: Target those tight muscles in your legs and back, or massage and relax those aching feet after a training run or race.  Retails $6.99 each
All in all, a great group of new products to give a try.  I'm especially interested in the Coffee Boost and the Natural Energy Ball.  I'm a lover of all things Picky Bars, but always up to try something new.  

Also, I think for what all was included, a fair deal for the cost.  They usually ship out the first week of the month, so I should be getting a June box in the next couple of weeks.  We'll see how that one is and then decide whether to keep it up or not.

Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes?  Any specific to runners?  
Is anyone else also over this week?!?!  Why are the short weeks always the worst!!??

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