Monday, June 1, 2015

The Weekend Update

Today, I'm linking up with Tara of Running and Reading, with a post to recap the weekend!!  It was a beauty of a weekend, though really quite WARM!!  Highs in the 90s all weekend long!  Already?!?!  

Summer Fridays have commenced at my workplace, meaning we close up shop at 3pm.  I managed to get out around 3:45, and texted my guy saying I needed to sushi.  Surprisingly, upon his arrival home, he suggested we do just that-that was easier than usual!!  We headed early over to Sushi Rock for sashimi, edamame, beers and more!

Next we wandered over to Rhodeside Grill for a couple of craft cocktails, before calling it a night.  

Doesn't just LOOK like Summertime?!?!  Gin, watermelon puree, soda water and basil?  So good!!
Saturday was super boring, spent doing chores and cleaning up around the house.  Then we headed off to a housewarming party for a few hours, before calling it an early night!  Sunday I was meeting fellow Oiselle Flock teammate, Emily for a 5 mile run!!

Sweet Emily had run 9 miles the day before, so I'm going to pretend that she was "resting" and a-OK with my slowness!  We headed out at 7:30 AM to avoid the heat, though by the time we were done, we were pretty hot.

We headed from Courthouse, down to the C&O Trail towards Rosslyn, over the Key Bridge, around in Georgetown and back.  Took right at about an, like I say, pretty slow.  But at least we were out there doing it!  We spent the hour chatting about our upcoming visit to Zap Fitness for Southern Bird Camp with Team Oiselle!!

My guy and I did a little weight training upon my return home...then headed out to grab some lunch and a tasty brew (or two) at a local Beer Garden....we wrapped up the evening grilling out burgers!

Someone looks like she ran 5 miles and spent half an hour weight training.  No surprise, though, she didn't!!!

It was a great weekend!!  Next weekend, we have Savor going on!  Really excited for that!  

And now that it's finally June!  We are 10 days from camp!!  Yay!!

On a sad note, we are now only about a month away from when my love interest moves to San Francisco for the rest of the summer and until Thanksgiving.  I'm a bit pouty about that.  Fortunately, I have scheduled myself lots of races while he's away, and at least I'll have a fun place to visit a few times while he's there?

What about you?  What all did you get into this weekend?  Any running?  Any tasty beverages?  :-)

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