Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Five Link Up: 5 Favorite Summertime Drinks!

Today's Friday Link Up with Courtney, Mar and Cynthia is all about Five Fave Summer Drinks!! As always, thanks girls for hosting! 

I, for one, LOVE having a refreshing little summertime cocktail on a patio or by the pool on a nice summer day.  How fortuitous, too, that today just happens to be LOVELY in DC, and I have a nice afternoon happy hour with some coworkers, to nurture that love.  :-)

I run, so that I might drink beer....
 1.  Beer.  Actually, this is a year round beverage of choice...particularly Gose beers, sour beers and a fresh IPA, all are great for after a long run.  :-)

2.  Hell or High Watermelon.  So this is an extension to the above, but this is DEFINITELY a fave at our house.  Pour that can into a nice frosted glass and drop in a slice of watermelon, and you are SET.  It's a light beer...easy drinker.  And the watermelon flavor is just the right amount.  When you are finished with the beverage, that watermelon slice has soaked up the beer and has a little bit of tingly bubble to it.  SO TASTY!!  

(As an aside, it just so happens the 21st Amendment Brewery is just around the corner from Blake's apartment in San Francisco, so I will definitely be getting some of this on tap in just a couple of weeks!)
Source here. 
3.  Gin & Tonics.  Isn't this an obvious one?  I mean...just looking at a G&T makes you feel cooler on a hot day, right??
4.  Any sort of refreshing fruity cocktail.  As I have shared before on this blog, I ADORE fruits.  So any sort of Sangria, mimosa, or fruity girly pretty cocktail floats my boat!!

5.  Chocolate Milk.  Again, it might be a year round favorite, but a tall glass of Tru Moo or any chocolate milk after a hard run or workout is just the absolute best!

Honorable mentions go to: Nuun (Energy or original), a tall glass of ice water (yes, I can just drink boring ole water like it's going out of style), and apple juice!!  :-)

Also, with summertime and early fall comes ballgames and festivals.  I just wanted to share with you this little secret device to take with you in order to not have to pay ALL THE DOLLARS for a beer or cocktail at such events.  This is a bottle, that looks like sunscreen (which is almost ALWAYS allowed at the ballpark or festivals) that you can purchase, empty, to put your alcohol in!  Sneaky sneaky!!!  My sister and her boyfriend used it just over the 4th for an event and totally got away with sneaking in 8 ounces of bourbon!  Shhhh!!

Would you like a shot of sunscreen?
What's everyone up to this weekend??  Anything exciting?  Partaking in some yummy summer bevvies?  Which ones!??

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