Friday, July 10, 2015

Long time, no post! Let's catch up!

I know, I know...I've been MIA since Bird Camp!  Work was wearing me out..and I was just enjoying the last few weeks with my guy before he left for his training in San Francisco!

 We (Blake included!) ran the Pacers Freedom 4 Miler here in Court House on June 28th.  It was a easy downhill mile 1, followed by a flat mile 2 and 3 at the turn around, and then back up that hill for mile 4.  My splits were quit impressive (8:36, 11:04, 11:25 and 12:27 - HA!) with that hill at the end!  I was super proud though of my guy getting out there and doing it!  And he RAN with a giant smile on his face across the finish line, too!!  (I was busy getting photos taken with Courtney, I wasn't there to grab that pic, so hopefully they post finish line images soon and I can see it.  I just happened to walk up as he was crossing with the silly grin.  When I later asked what that smile was all about, he said a girl ran near him about the last quarter of a mile hollering at him about "losing to a girl!!"  Ha!  :-)  

Post Race

With my girl, Courtney

Post race bevvies on the pool deck at home
Blake took off the week of the 4th to tend to some errands and things that we needed done around the house before he left for San Francisco.  We had an excellent July 4th, my older sister and her boyfriend came to visit for a few days and we had a good time exploring and eating and drinking!  On the 4th, they headed out to RFK for the Foo Fighters concert and festival all day, so Blake and I were left to fend for ourselves.  After being lazy most of the AM, we decided to strap the running shoes on again, and run the 2 miles to Georgetown to check out the "beach bar" inside J Pauls.  J. Paul's has become one of my B's fave places to pop in, so this was a great last visit for him.  :-)

With a Corona, of course!
 After the weekend of the 4th, Chloe and I mostly pouted as we watched Blake get ready to go on his adventure.  Blake works for a major bank, and was recently accepted into a training program out in San Francisco.  He will be out there studying, learning, and interviewing for jobs until mid-November.  Fortunately, his mom has loads of SkyMiles and has already scheduled my first visit out there for early August!  Then I'll be back out there for Labor Day...then we will figure out an October trip too.  

I'm sitting in his suitcase.  STOP PACKING!!
Now that my B has left...I'm going to try to finally get back on a running schedule...I really need to lose some weight, and I really want a 10k PR at one of the 2 fall 10ks I'm registered for - Clarendon Day 10k and Marine Corps 10k (details soon!)  My 10k PR is from 2009 at Peachtree Road Race with an official time of 1:00:28....can I do it?!?

Back on the Mount Vernon Trail - 6AM, 80 degrees and 80% humidity.  Fabulous....
I'm headed to SF August 6-10, and Blake lives literally 1 block from the San Francisco Bay Trail.  I'm super excited to get there and get some running in on this trail. It's super wide, based on the pictures Blake has sent me and runs right along the bay!  From his house, to Fisherman's Wharf is about 2.6 miles, so a round trip will be an easy 5 mile run!  

View along the SF Bay Trail
(by Blake)

So in the upcoming weeks while I'm boyfriendless, I head to Atlanta next weekend to see family...and the next weekend some of my Oiselle teammates and I are running in the Crystal City Twilighter, followed by some adult beverages.  I'm really excited for this little nighttime race!  Should be a fun one!

PS-DC/Arlington folk - feel free to email me if you ever want a running or a happy hour friend!  I literally have like 2 friends outside of work, and I will be sitting around my house bored while B is away, so please holler if you are bored too!  Let's play!!

How's your summer getting started?  I loved reading everyone's fun July 4th Race recaps!!  TGIF! What's on the schedule for this weekend?

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