Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer/Fall Race Plans

Y'all.  How crazy is it that we are half way through July?  This year has absolutely FLOWN by.  By the time Blake and I are readying ourselves to likely leave the DC area, we will have lived here almost 3 years.  That just seems so ridiculous to me!  I think this might be a sign of aging??

Image from Love the Run You're With 5k - February 2015
 So, on with my late summer/fall race plans!!

As you can see, my longest race for the rest of the year is 10-miler in October.  I figure once we know where we are going to settle next (hopefully we know by late October), then I can plan for a spring half marathon, or maybe even a full!  :-)

Next weekend's Crystal City Twilighter should prove to just be a bunch of fun!  We have several Oiselle gals coming out, so that will be great....just fingers crossed the weather is good for us!  This summer has been crazy with the weather!

I'm race-less in August, which is fine....I'll be heading out to San Francisco to see my B...and it'll just be too hot for all that, I'm sure.  :-P

I'm still undecided about Wanderlust 108 here in DC in September.  My little sister went to one of these festivals last year and speaks very highly of us. There is a 5k, yoga practice and meditation...as well as an all day festival.

I mentioned a few posts ago (or maybe it was the last one), that my summer/fall goal is to PR in the 10k.  Originally, I thought it would be AWESOME to reach this goal at MCM...I mean...PR at the site of my first full marathon - where the last 10k literally tried to kill me?!?!  Right?!  Then, though, after reading the course info for the Clarendon Day 10k, and how it's mostly downhill....I think I will first try to PR there.  That way, if I don't at MCM, at least I did PR this fall - which is really all I want.  

October will include the Army 10-Miler, which was on my DC Race Bucket List...so I'm really pleased I got in this year.  And then wrap up with the MCM10K.  I'm excited because so many of my Oiselle girls are running the Marathon, so hopefully after my 10k, I can go out and cheer them on!!  It's quite possible that MCM10k will be my last DC racing experience, and what a good one to go out with!!

I've been cleaning out my workout wear this week because my mother is making me another race t-shirt quilt for Christmas this year!  My last one is full of Atlanta races...and this one will be full of DC races!  How fun, right?  I'm also hoping she figures out a way to get that darn MCM patch on this one some way.  I don't know what else to do with that thing!
Atlanta Race Shirt Quilt
So there are some little upcoming racing plans.  

What about you?  Any fun races you are excited about?  Any fall race goals?  Any other nearby races I should be registered for? 

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