Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday 5: Five Years from Now....

TGIF, y'all!!  Today I'm linking up again with The DC Trifecta of Mar, Cynthia and Courtney for the Friday Five!

To be super honest, I'm not loving this topic.  Ha!  I hate thinking about and trying to predict where I will be in the future.  When I was kid, I thought I was going to grow up, have a corner office in NYC as some exec at a company run by strong women, married and have a kid or two by now.  But alas, I have a windowless cube in DC, not married and no children (other than that sweet puppy...have I mentioned her to you before?)  Haha!  So anyway, I'm more of a take it day by day, not stress too much about the future kind of girl. :-P 

First of all, just for fun, here's a pic from 5 years ago!  I was pulling through some TBT pics yesterday and came across these from August and September 2010.  How sweet (and YOUNG) are we?

Alright, so in the spirit of playing along...Here's 5 things I would like to HOPE are the near future.  :-)

1. Putting down some roots.  I'm actually hopeful that after Blake's training wraps up this fall, that we can get this one started.  We are 33 years old.  We are ready to settle into a community, buy a house and put down some roots.

2.  Be a mom?  I say this with a question mark, because my thoughts on this change day by day.  Today, I think it would be OK to have a kid.  :-)

3. Puppies!!  I actually am hoping that this one comes with our next move, but we would really like to get Chloe a weimaraner puppy or two.  She's 10...and though she might be slower by then, I hope she's still with us in 5 years...and I just know she would love some babies to play and snuggle with!

4.  Another marathon or two under my belt.  Lord willing, I'm still able to run and be active.  I'd love to pick out a few destination races and get some more medals from some more states!!  Bucket List: Big Sur.

5.  More travel!  Both Blake and I love traveling, and hopefully we have the time and resources for more travel in the coming years.  With things so up in the air the last couple of years, we haven't taken as many big trips as we would both love, so surely that will be coming back soon!!

Ok, so there you go!  Short and simple!  TGIF people!!  Hope you all have a great weekend!! What's everyone up to?

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