Friday, August 14, 2015

Summertime...and the livin' is easy....33rd Birthday and SF Trip Recap

Well, sorta!  Ha!

We last spoke before my birthday...Beware - this is a long post - but lots of pics, I promise!!

The weekend before my birthday, Pacers had the Crystal City Twilighter...which several of my Oiselle teammates were running, too.  So we got together before and after for a bite to eat and a beer (for me!).  :-)

On my actual birthday, I obviously had to work...BOO....but then my sweet coworkers indulged me and we went to see White Ford Bronco play a fun concert outside.  If you are unfamiliar, White Ford Bronco is a 90s cover band and SO MUCH FUN.  :-)

After the "excitement" of turning another year older, the next fun thing, was my first trip out to see my B in San Francisco!  This was my first trip to the that was exciting...but more than that was getting to see Blake.  Though we facetime, literally every evening, it was nice to be able to SEE him and hold hands and be with him, you know?!  OK, enough mush.

I arrived on a Thursday morning...and met up with him and grabbed some lunch.  Then he had to go back to work, so I wandered around town for an hour or so, grabbed some necessities at Target before heading to his apartment for a nap and getting an hour or so of work in.  Thursday evening we went out for beers and dinner.  

Friday, he had to work all day, so I was on my own.  Blake's housing is right off the San Francisco Bay Trail, so that made for some nice, FLAT, paved running!  I ran from his house up to just past Fisherman's Wharf and back towards his house and past the Giants Baseball stadium.  I stopped along the way for some photo ops...and breakfast.  :-)  (Loads more pics on my Instagram!)

Fell in LOVE with this sculpture - check out how nicely it frames the skyline!

My turn around point, beach with views of the bridge!
Friday afternoon I bummed around some more until Blake got off work and we were able to go out and hang out with some of his new friends from the program.  It was really nice to get to meet these people he's spending all his time with!

Saturday, due to overindulging Friday night (and the time difference, I'd say!), we slept late, and then headed out on a GoCar Tour.

So, when Blake told me about these things, I thought it sounded SO ridiculous.  But then I started reading up on it and got a bit more excited - only to be in LOVE with the idea about two blocks into riding around in the little gadget.  So these little cars have GPS built in that talk to you throughout your drive around town.  It tells you what you are seeing, why it's important, as well as guides you around.  It was great.  And the little voice had LOADS of personality too!  :-)

Cute little car!!!  We had loads of people stop us and ask about it! 

Bottom of Golden Gate Bridge

Up above Golden Gate

East Beach

In our helmets!  Safety first, remember??

Lombard Street
Saturday evening, we went to get one our faves, OYSTERS at the Ferry Building at Hog Island Oyster Company.  It was delicious!  Blake and I have learned over the years that we prefer west coast oysters over east coast ones...which made us happy being out on the west coast - easier to get them!!  :-)

Later that night, we met up with his coworkers, yet again, and grilled out before heading to Chinatown for some late night karaoke at Bow Bow Cocktail Lounge.  It was this tiny hole in the wall, and SO MUCH FUN!!  

Sunday, we spent the morning eating and re-hydrating...before going out to Muir Woods.  The trees were less impressive than I was thinking in my head - I'm told we need to go to the Redwood National Forest (which is like 5 hours north of SF) to see what I was expecting...however, these trees and the park were still beautiful and it was a lovely day for a visit.  The drive was scenic getting out there and it was definitely nice to get out of the city!

Sunday evening we chilled around the apartment and called it a night early.  Blake had a meeting first thing Monday we just enjoyed our last few hours together.  Monday, he went off to work..and I did a little work myself, before heading to the airport for my LONG trek back to to DC.

Though I did have a great trip, I was excited to see my wee one!  And to get some GREAT FUN running mail!!
She's working really hard, huh?

Obviously, she's enjoying being daddy-less and getting to sleep in bed with me always!

Trying out Hokas (so far, LOVE THEM) and our Oiselle team manifesto with a note from Sally!!  And a signed Lauren Fleshman card, too!

So what's next?  Hmmm.  Aside from getting back on my AM running schedule now that I have returned, more of the same ole same, ole around here.  We have a Oiselle meet up later this month, I'm really excited about!  And still training for the upcoming Clarendon Day 10k in late September!  

I'll be back in San Fran for the Labor Day holiday, so any SF readers out there, holler at me if you want to go for a run! (A slow one though, people!!)  I'll be hanging around without my guy all day Friday and Thursday afternoon again!  We hope to get to Saucilito this next trip and perhaps out to a winery or two, as well!  

Welcome to all our new Oiselle Volee teammates!  Please, introduce yourselves, and let me know your blog/twitter so I can get to know you!!

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