Monday, October 12, 2015

ATM Weekend Recap!

What a whirlwind weekend, full of miles for me!  

Before we get started on little ole me, let me just say WOW and Congratulations to all my sweet friends, teammates and followers that ran Chicago and any other races this weekend!  I love having the Oiselle Facebook page where we can cheer each other on and know what's going on with everyone, and it looked like an amazing weekend of running for everyone!  Way to go, you!

As for me, I had a 10k fun run Saturday and then the Army Ten Miler Sunday.  So 16 miles.  I have not run that much in a weekend since last summer's MCM I wasn't sure what to expect!

I got up early Saturday morning to meet at City Sports in Georgetown (which, did everyone know is going out of business?!?!  SALE CITY!) to run the Run 10 Feed 10 Fun Run 10k.  This run was brought to my attention by Colleen (LiveFreeandRun) a couple of weeks ago.  I love everything that the Feed Project stands those bags are I decided, OK...I'll run it and get that handy bag!  

See? How cute is that?
And the cute bracelets, too!
Though Colleen is much speedier than I am, she was also going to be running the Army Ten Miler the next day, so she stayed slow and ran and chatted with me the whole time.  It was great getting to know her "in real life" now and it definitely helped the 6.2 miles go by quicker!

It was a BEAUTIFUL and clear day - started in the upper 40s or so and finished around the mid-upper 60s.  I ran in a long sleeve the whole time!  Have I mentioned my love for fall running?

We ran down M Street, towards downtown, across in front of the White House, over by Watergate, then headed over the Roosevelt Memorial Bridge and into Northern VA...on to my beloved Mount Vernon Trail...then back over Key Bridge into Georgetown. It was actually a really great route.  I might have to start incorporating that into my route mix!

Hi President!!

Post Race with the goodies!
 We ran the 10k in probably about 1:05 to 1:10 I would guess...just based on the time we started.  Haha.  My Garmin was having a hard time finding its satellites in Georgetown, and Colleen's failed to start when she thought she started we aren't real sure.  But that's how it was supposed to go! Just a fun leisurely run around town, right?

Saturday afternoon I just bummed around the house cleaning and straightening up and getting ready for the main event of the weekend, the Army Ten Miler.

I had done Packet Pick up for ATM on Friday during the workday to avoid too many crowds and hoping Metro would cooperate better then than on the weekend.  That ended up working well for me! 

Sunday AM was a bit cooler than Saturday had been, but with promises of getting warmer!  I managed to have everything I would want or need on my person, and not have any extra clothes, so no bag check was needed for me.  I quickly found some Oiselle teammates as we were all gathering together for a pre-race pic!

Courtesy of Courtney
I was also tickled that a dear friend from Southern Bird Camp, Amy, was in town spectating for a friend and we got to see her and catch up for a bit beforehand, too!

Courtney, Colleen and me
Several of Courtney's Arlington Road Runners Club members were in the same wave as we were, so we all started off together.  Courtney ended up running ahead a bit, so her pal (now my pal!) Jessica and I stayed together until about mile 6 or so...then I slowed down a bit.  It was another great day getting to know a fellow runner!  :-)

The course itself was pretty typical for DC road races, though I do have to say - those blocks along Independence Avenue were without a doubt the MOST FUN EVER!!  You are running out and back so you are crossing paths with people ahead and behind you...I stayed as close to the center of the road as I could in order to high five people the whole way!  Everyone cheering and keeping each other pepped up - I love that stuff!  :-)  

I finished the 2015 ATM in about 1:48...not terribly impressive, but considering this week was more running than my little legs have seen in a while, I can't be too down!

After the race, we met all back up (surprisingly sorta easily!) and ended up deciding on a spontaneous brunch!  We headed to Arlington for some Tupelo Honey biscuits and mimosas and then called it a day.  I, myself, was definitely ready for a nap!!

So - all in all, a really great weekend filled with miles, smiles, friends and food.  :-)  

I'm giving myself a rest day permitting, I'm going to meet up with Courtney and Mar this evening to check out an event at Busboys and Poets and then maybe a bite to eat.  Then some more miles in Tuesday and Wednesday before heading out to San Francisco one last time while my guy is there!  One last run along the bay Friday morning!!  

Then, just counting down the days for MCM!  I can't wait to "redeem" myself on that last 10k and then cheer on ALL my friends and teammates that are running the marathon this year!  It's sure to be another great weekend and Sunday!

What about you?  Did you run any races this week?  Did you have fall-like weather?  How's your Race-tober coming along?  (Can we believe it's halfway over?)

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