Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Clarendon Day 10k & Navy Mile Spectating

I'm not feeling too clever with the title today, my friends.  Sorry!  :-)

Just thought I would pop by the old blog and share the last couple of super fun weekends with my beloved Oiselle DC team!!  Have I mentioned my love for Oiselle?  Our team is so much fun!  We have a great group leaders always organizing and planning fun for us!

Last weekend was Clarendon Day.  We had girls running the 5k, the 10k and the Double!  My goodness, no way I would have wanted to do that Double!  Haha.  My 10k time was a not impressive 1:05.  Oh well.  But how much fun was it along the course to see all the singlets on the out and back!  It just put a little pep in my step!

It was a Pacers race, so as usual, super easy packet pick-up and very well organized - start to finish. Some of the team met up between the 5k and 10k races for a quick group picture....then met up afterwards for some brunch and fun!  It was so great to meet some of the new birds, as well as some of the original ones I just hadn't connected with yet!

Team DC (and Julie was in town!!) pre-10k

After a delicious brunch at Lyon Hall post-race

Then, this past weekend, we got a group together to watch Kate Grace (one of the Oiselle Haute Volee - Elite) team members run the Navy Mile.  It was so fun to spectate that race and to see her return to racing!  Kate came in 4th with a time 5:00.02!  

How cool that her New Balances match the Oiselle kit!?
Men's Elite Heat

 After the race, the team got to meet up with Kate for a coffee break, which was super nice of her!  Kerri Gallagher was there cheering and met with us as well!

It was a great weekend of sisterhood, as you can tell!  We also had a few teammates out running this weekend all over...and have several more running this weekend coming up!

I will be making my appearance at the Run10Feed10 DC Fun Run on Saturday AM and then the Army 10 Miler Sunday!  I'm a little nervous having planned those two the same weekend...but I just plan to take the 10k slow pokey so that I'm rested and ready for Sunday morning.  We should have another great Oiselle showing Sunday both spectating and running.  

Then I'll be off to San Francisco for the last trip of this adventure Blake's been on.  I cannot believe how quickly the 5 month program has gone!  He'll be wrapping things up in about a month and heading back home.  It'll be nice to get things in a groove and figure out what the future holds from here.  

October 26 is the Marine Corps Marathon weekend.  I'll be doing the 10k and then a bunch of us birds will be getting together to cheer on the marathoners!  I CANNOT believe it's been a year already since my MCM debut!  Crazy, y'all!  Just crazy!

What about you?  Run any races last weekend?  This weekend coming up?

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