Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday 5 Link Up! 5 Favorite Fitness Bloggers!

It's Friday, y'all!  And October!!  And dreary and cool and miserable out.  Bleh!

Chloe's all dressed and ready to weather the storms and rains this weekend....

Today's Friday 5 Link Up topic is 5 Fitness Bloggers I follow! As usual, thanks to Courtney, Mar and Cynthia for hosting us all each week!!  :-)

So my Feedly is FULL of running blogs and lifestyle blogs....some are one in the same.  So narrowing this down to 5 favorites was a bit difficult.  There's obviously SOMETHING about all of them that I love, or else I wouldn't bother following them, right?!?!

So without further ado, here are just five of my MANY favorite blogs right now:

1. EatPrayRunDC - Obviously, sweet Courtney is top of the list!  In addition to her blog being full of great running info and an awesome resource for newer bloggers, Courtney is a leader for the DC Oiselle team, so I also get to hang out with her regularly!  She's just an amazing girl any way you look at it.  :-)  

2.  Life with a Dash of Whimsy - This blog is perhaps more lifestyle in general than fitness focused.  Katie is a super cute Southern girl now living in Maryland and expecting her first baby!  She's been keeping up with her fitness throughout the pregnancy which has been fun to follow.  More fun than that though, is her amazing taste and DIY style!  She's always finding bargains at Goodwill, flea markets, etc and re-finishing furniture and stuff.  I love seeing her ideas come to life!  I cannot wait to see the completed nursery for Baby Boy Vail!

3.  Miss Zoot - Kim is another awesome lady to keep up with!  She lives in Alabama and is very active in her local running community.  She's been running for several years now and completes ultras! She has three cute children and I just love everything about her!  She talks openly about her life and is just the real deal.  I agree with her a lot on her views politically, religiously, and personally - like how she is raising her family.  She's just another great Southern lady to follow!

4.  Sweaty Emily - Y'all.  When I moved to DC, I was SO hoping to find Emily and be BFFs with her.  She's a runner and a craft beer lover.  Just like me!  Sadly, she moved to Oregon not long after I moved to the BFFness never happened.  :-(  So I just follow her adventures from afar.  She's an amazing athlete with two 100 Milers under her belt...and now living out in Oregon her blog is filled with all the beautiful sights she gets on her runs!  I was tickled pink to meet her this spring when she was in town at Savor with the brewery she now works for.  Super sweet lady!  :-)

5.  MommiesRun - I found Cecilia on Instagram after joining the Oiselle team last year and she is just TOO CUTE!  I love reading her Oiselle Wednesdays (reviews of the clothes items) and seeing her daily run pics in the evening - she's gotten some sort of run in every day for over 630 days straight!!  That's dedication!

So there you go!  Do you read any of these blogs?  What are some of your faves that I should follow?

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