Monday, November 2, 2015

Too much 10k? No way.

Happy Monday, you guys! And, more importantly, Happy November!  Wowzers has this year flown by!

Since we last "spoke" I have run a couple of was sort of a spur of the moment decision, which we will get to momentarily.

October 25 was Marine Corps Marathon Day!  Though I was a little pouty having decided not to run the marathon this year, I still had such a fun day!  I ran the 10k first, then met up with some birdies and we manned our Oiselle Cowbell Corner for the marathoners.  

It started out quite a chilly and very wet morning...but fortunately for the marathoners the rain eventually pushed its way through.  It did rain for most of the 10k, though.  I met up with my pal at the start, stood in the LONG porta-potty lines and then made our way to the self seeded start along the National Mall.  We plopped ourselves in for the 1:00-1:09 wave.  As you might recall, I did Clarendon Day in about 1:05 and so I was hoping to do a bit better this week.

The course is ALMOST identical to the final 10k of the it definitely was a bit nostalgic running along the National Mall and into Crystal City like I did just a year before.  The bridge was as miserable and long as usual...but I was super excited that there were already spectators out in Crystal City to cheer the 10kers on before the marathoners got through - I wasn't expecting that! 

Since we finish just like the marathoners do (but without as much pain and tiredness), we turn up that last little 0.2 hill and are greeted with Marines high fiving us all the way to the finish.  :-)  My unofficial finish time was 1:04:49 - so a little better than Clarendon Day!  Ha!

Obligatory finishers pic with the Marine Corps Memorial
After the 10k, I wandered down to the Finishers' Festival to round up any pals that were going to the Oiselle Cowbell Corner with us to cheer on all our teammates!  We had a great group of cheerleaders and were perfectly placed right as the runners were exiting that dreadful bridge at Mile 22.  Everyone had so much fun cheering and hollering for all the runners, and we especially loved seeing our Oiselle birds flying by and/or stopping for hugs!!

Amazing signs by Caitlin K!

Sights from Cowbell Corner MCM 2015 - by Taylor Coffey
Just a perfect Sunday, I tell ya!

This past week, I thought I was super excited to have absolutely no plans for the weekend....but then the more I thought about my 10k...the more annoyed I got...and I decided I wanted to get even closer to a one hour time.  (As you might recall, my 10k PR is from the Atlanta Peachtree Road Race in 2009!!  I did that in 1:00:28.  It's about time to do better, right?!?!)  So, last minute decision - I registered for the Potomac River Running Company's Parks 10k. I don't think I have run a PRRC race, I'm pretty sure this was my first one! 

I had been contemplating the Pacers Veterans Day 10k, but then when I got the email about the PR one, I decided - same price, same route, but a long sleeve tech shirt and a medal?  I'll do that!!  I convinced Emily O to run with me and we had a great morning run (followed by biscuits and mimosas)!  

The course is an out and back from West Potomac Park, out just past the tip of Haines Point and back.  Emily, though speedier than I, had run 10 miles on Saturday, so she humored me and ran more my speed. :-)  As you can tell from the pictures, though it was a COOL, WINDY and RAINY morning, we had a lot of fun!!
And we are off!

We had an official time this week of 1:04:17.  Ha! So only about 30 seconds faster than last week's MCM10k!  Baby steps, am I right?

Medals!  Always love getting bling. :-)
So now, I'm thinking I need to go ahead and register for the Pacers race this coming Sunday, anyway, right?  Between trying to knock some more time off my 10k, I also have run an uneven number of races this year - 11!  That is just a weird number, I need to round that off, right?  Am I just being ridiculous?  Ha!  I might follow the weather forecast and make this decision by Wednesday....

Have you made any last minute race decisions?  What motivated you to make that spur of the moment decision?  Can we even believe it is November, already?!?

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